Market prospect of flag making
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Market prospect of flag making

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The industry of flag making is an unpopular industry. The best market for flags is actually for export. Because China is the production place of flag raw materials, coupled with cheap labor, most countries' flags are imported from China, such as Europe, America, the Middle East and other countries, but there is also a large number of domestic demand for flags, but the number is small and the variety is large, which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements and challenges for flag makers, Costs have also risen significantly.

In terms of cost, the main uses of flags are all kinds of company flags, world flags, office desk flags, navigation signal flags, antique flags, office site flags, vehicle flags, colored flags, team flags, gift flags, bunting flags, hanging flags, hand waving flags, tour guide flags, pole flags, brocade flags, campaign flags, belt awarding, beach flags, school flags, competition flags, flying flags and other flags, so that on the one hand, advertising, various activities, Flags for various venues.

At present, there are not many flag manufacturers in Ningbo. Most of them have no machinery and equipment. They can get processed in other places, and then send them back to Ningbo to earn the price difference. However, the flag quality of foreign manufacturers is uneven, and the time also requires a long logistics time. If there is a problem in flag production, there is no way to make up for it. The flag production time is usually about 2 days, and if it exceeds 2 days, it is not produced by ourselves.


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